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The Case of the Frightened Lady by Edgar Wallace

Matthew Jameson visits The Leeds Grand Theatre to review The Classic Thriller Theatre Companies new adaptation of The Case of the Frightened Lady by Edgar Wallace.

Thrills and mystery are afoot taking us back to a different time where murder seemed ever so posh and cleaver within the British aristocracy. The Grand Theatre in Leeds plays host to The Classic Thriller Theatre Companies new adaptation of The Case of the Frightened Lady by Edgar Wallace. As it says on the tin be warned as the excitement and intrigue we have you shaking as the tangled tale of lies, deceit and cold-blooded murder unravels before you.

Set in the haunting Marks Priory in 1932 we are introduced to the Lebanon family and all the underhand dealings of Lady Lebanon (Deborah Grant) spouting lies and hiding secrets with everyone around her. When the chauffeur is found dead on the night of the annual ball all hell breaks loose, and everyone’s a suspect! Lord Lebanon (Ben Nealon) is clearly controlled by his mother but who is controlling her and who is listening behind the door? When the police arrive, they are baffled but it doesn’t take too long for Chief Superintendent Tanner (Gray O’Brien) and Detective Sergeant Totti (Oliver Phelps) to realise not all is as it seems. With the uncooperative Dr Amersham (Denis Lill) appearing at every right moment and the unnerved Isla Crane (April Pearson) scared for her life, how will they make it through. In true whodunnit style the house staff are lurking in every corner with Mrs Tilling (Rosie Thomson) making light humour in the dark mood.

The whole piece is full of suspense and takes us on a twisted journey with red hearings and blindingly obvious clues in true thriller fashion. Some charismatic and very dramatic performances from all the cast particularly Deborah Grant as the head of the family showing us just why the class system of dead and buried! With a magnificent climax at the end bringing shocks and screams, can you guess who did it?

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Matthew Jameson

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