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Le Tour – Le Trinity Leeds

Very few of us have missed the yellow sprayed bicycles and Le Tour banners appearing across the city but has anyone seen the official countdown clock in Trinity Leeds yet?

The clock marks the official countdown to the Le Tour / Le Grand Depart in Leeds on July 5th and if you haven’t been yet, it’s definitely worth popping in to see it in its last month in situ.

Le Tour - Le Trinity Leeds
Le Tour – Le Trinity Leeds

Designed and constructed by Leeds based theatre designer, Barney George (following an open commission process by Leeds City Council for Le Tour), the ‘Grand Depart Mechanical Theatre’ is a celebration of cycling, described by the artist as a synergy of human stamina and precision engineering.

Barney George began his career as a prop designer for film and television. He has worked on many popular films including Star Wars, The Mummy, The Da Vinci Code and Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd. Now Le Tour.

George was inspired by the mechanics of the bicycle, making the structure with giant steel cogs and beautifully cut wood-work. Manufactured in collaboration with the University of Leeds’ School of Mechanical Engineering, a giant outer cog counts down the days while individual inner dial rotate every second, minute and hour.

Each interconnecting cog drives another, picking up the cyclists around the outer frame. The growing amount of circling cyclists mirrors the excitement building as we get nearer to the start of the race.

Le Tour - Le Trinity Leeds
Le Tour – Le Trinity Leeds

Trinity Kitchen

June has also brought a new selection of Street Food vans to Trinity Kitchen. This month we are joined by;

Catering Yorkshire –

Presenting the finest of Yorkshire farm produce including a fresh salad bar and hearty tapas portions of John Smith’s Yorkshire puddings with Black Sheep ale and beef stew

Hay Latin America –

Fred will be serving up his favourite foods from his travels around South America including quinoa salad served with Peruvian style marinated chicken

Mama’s Jerk Station –

Authentic Caribbean food inspired by Adrian’s Great Granny Charlotte, who used to make her own jerk seasoning and marinade recipe. Enjoy a jerk BBQ chicken meal with rice and peas, Mama’s slaw and fried plantain.

La Petite Bretonne –

Xavier and Caroline will be cooking up delicious French crepes made to order, along with galettes, waffles and fresh coffee sold from a converted van showcased on George Clarke’s ‘Amazing Spaces’ Channel 4 programme.

Tacochu –

Erica’s signature dish is the humble taco rice from Okinawa- born from the heavy American military presence there. It combines American taco filling with Japanese rice to make a filling spicy, juicy and crunchy lunch.

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