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Unique Gifts for the Foodie


If you know someone who enjoys fine dining and interesting foods, then there is a whole host of gifts you can give for any occasion. Whether it be gluten free, the finest sour dough, or chocolate made from the world’s most exquisite cocoa, there is something for all. If you are looking for the ideal, unique gift for the foodie in your life, here is a list of some of the most unusual.

  1. Hampers

For a foodie, there is nothing better than receiving a quality hamper full of goodies. Hampers are great gifts because they are usually full of things you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself, and the lucky owner might just find a new taste sensations to enjoy.


  1. Cheeses

There are some weird and wonderful cheeses out there, and any connoisseur would be delighted with a selection of some of the more unusual types of cheese. Sample the flavour of Stinking Bishop, Yarg and Hereford Hop, a cheese that goes well with beer. If your foodie prefers a continental cheese, the Italian Casu Marzu is not for the faint-hearted. Translated as ‘putrid cheese’ this delicacy comes complete with wriggling larvae that you have to eat alive!


  1. Flavoured Air

Having a meal served with a special scented air, steam or smoke has become all the rage in swanky city restaurants, and has also been featured on celebrity chef television programs. While scented air might be difficult to capture, there is one way you can give the gift of flavour, and that is through vaping. Vaping is not just something people do when trying to quit smoking. Indeed there are nicotine-free e liquids that are just for flavour only. Visit www.ultimatejuice.co.uk for flavours that include cherry lemonade, blue slushy and exotic fruits.


  1. Cookery Course

What better way for a foodie to enjoy their love of good food than by learning to cook some quality dishes for themselves. There are lots of different cookery courses available, so you can pick one that includes your friend’s favourite foods. You don’t have to stop at a cookery course either. If your friend likes unusual ingredients, then how about a foraging trip where you can learn about edible ingredients you can find in the wild?


  1. Chocolate

Most foodies will appreciate good quality chocolate, so it makes a superb gift idea. Chocolate can have a variety of interesting flavours, including chilli, peppermint and sea salt. Fancy giving something a little more unusual? Try chocolate covered ants, crickets and worms – all perfectly real and delicious.


Buying a gift for a foodie is a real treat because you are spoiled for choice for weird and wacky foods, all readily available online. When looking for a gift, go for quality ingredients above everything else, as this is something that is sure to be important to anyone who enjoys their food. Combine quality with a fun experience, or a laugh-out-loud item, and you have a memorable gift that any foodie will love.

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