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Why should you use custom printed envelopes?


Most people don’t give enough attention to the value of custom printed envelopes. Your recipient is more likely to open one if it comes with a beautiful print rather than a bland and boring design.

A custom print renders your envelope more attractive or professional depending on the style of your choosing. Be it a formal occasion or a sales promotion, those of you take into consideration the presentable aspect of envelopes, will no doubt experience better success in your approach.

In this article,we will briefly discuss how printed envelopes help you better deliver your message to your recipients or customers.

  • Size

The print is not always about the design, rather the canvas on which it is presented. Choosing the appropriate size for your envelopes takes priority over the design. For unique results, try the 6 x 9 as it is a good place to start.

Of course, you can do your own research, but this size is a good starting point.

The slightly larger size helps your envelopes stand from the rest of the mail and grabs the attention of the readers more promptly.

  • Colour

It is easy to get carried away while you’re choosing a color scheme for your envelopes. Choosing the perfect colour for the perfect mood is very important.

Your envelopes should instill a sense of interest in the eyes of your recipients. Failing to do so will instantly reject interest they might have had towards your intentions, whatever it might be.

Bestbuyenvelopes.uk has some amazing templates. They provide both designs and color schemes that are sure to grab the attention of your readers.  It’s a great place to start in case you have no idea where, to begin with.

  • Branding

It isn’t always necessary to print a random design on your envelopes. You can also print your logo or brand (if you have a business) over your envelopes. Not only does it help you with a bit of advertising but by choosing the perfect design, you can make your brand appear more attractive to potential customers.

  • Be creative

Think outside the box and try to come up with innovative designs, not just in terms of appearance but also the mechanics in how the envelopes openup. It may have two windows instead of one or some other unique tricks that will promptly grab your viewers’ attention, the moment they lay eyes on it.

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