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5 ways to transform your Leeds office reception

With the onus on businesses to create effective and inspiring workspaces for their employees, it’s easy for areas such as reception to become neglected.

But since first impressions are formed at your entrance, it needs to look the part.

There are many ways to transform it into the ultimate welcome space – but here are 5 of the best.

  1. Colour

If you want your reception area to stand out, you need to consider colour.

Bright and vibrant shades are often a good choice as they command attention and encourage enthusiasm. However, basing your colour scheme around your brand is a brilliant idea. This ties together your branding and makes it more memorable to visitors.

For a better idea of how colour can bring character, check out these inspirational reception areas on Office Snapshots.

  1. Comfortable, modern seating

A chair is more than just a place for a client to sit for a few minutes before their meeting.

The seating you choose can convey a lot about your business, so opt for something comfortable that will leave your guests feeling relaxed and welcome.

Modern seating is a good shout because it stands out and will help differentiate your firm as unique and progressive in the eyes of your stakeholders.

And also utilise your space effectively and arrange your seating in a way that will get the feng shui flowing.

  1. Branded awesomeness

Decorate your reception area with strategically placed items that advertise your brand.

Providing a selection of company reading materials for visitors to pick up and peruse is an excellent plan – they can read more about your premium products and services while they wait and take the info home to share with colleagues, contacts, friends and family.

You can also gift your visitors with branded freebies such as pens, keyrings and mugs — this merchandise makes a lasting impression and ensures clients feel valued. For maximum impact, ensure you choose items which are genuinely useful.

If you think your logo would look great on a notepad or pen, check out a branded item supplier such as Total Merchandise.

  1. Natural ambience

Adding some plants and flowers to your reception is a wonderful way to increase its aesthetic.

Greenery helps create a warm and welcoming feel to your office which leaves visitors and employees feeling inspired. And plants also help keep the air healthier by absorbing carbon dioxide, so they’re a practical as well as pretty addition to a reception room.

  1. Entrance mat

No reception area is complete without a fabulous entrance mat –it’s the first thing visitors to your business will see and creates a lasting impression.

A mat is a great central feature around which you can model the rest of the room, and with custom options available, they’re an effective way to promote your brand.

If you want an entrance mat to revitalise your Leeds office reception, mat manufacturers like Kleen-Tex have got you covered.

Follow these five tips and your reception area will be the talk of the of city.

That’s our list! Share your own transformation tips in the comments section.


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