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The international smash hit musical Blood Brothers returns to Leeds Grand Theatre from Tuesday 7 to Saturday 18 May 2019.

The most iconic tale that brings audiences to their feet everywhere is back here in the heart of Leeds at the most prestigious Grand Theatre. If you’ve never seen or even heard of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers, where have you been!? And you are in for an experience you’ll never forget! First performed in Liverpool back in 1983 this show is one of the most acclaimed in all British musical theatre productions. Having had Barbara Dickson play the tortured Mrs Johnstone at the Lyric theatre in the same year, who knew this was set to take on not just Britain but the entire world by storm!

In this current production Mrs Johnstone is played by the fabulous Linzi Hateley who encapsulates the character perfectly with humour and despair at the harrowing decisions she must make for survival. Her counterpart Mrs Lyons (Paula Tappenden) mirrors the exact opposite and illustrates how her original manipulation manifests into madness. We witness the twin boys separated at birth brought up in completely different surroundings, depicting the reality of poverty and class divide within society at the time. Mickey (Alexander Patmore) and Eddie (Joel Benedict) are the fated brothers and first appear giving an impressive performance as 7-year-olds playing in the streets around their opposite homes. We see them grow in years and character into young men and how their lives parallel in so many ways and not in others. Childhood friend Linda (Danielle Corlass) provides the catalyst in their downfall as the Narrator (Robbie Scotcher) illustrates the impact of the dark secret ready to shatter everything.

Imagine you’re back in the 80’s as the musical style resonates with the era and you’ll love it, passion ignites, and flames fill the auditorium. This is a timeless classic full of high energy making you laugh and breaking your heart at the same moment. The climax of the story will have you in floods of tears as emotion takes it hold in a moment you’ll remember forever.

Theatre Review by Matthew Jameson

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