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Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games Review at Leeds Grand Theatre


We sent Matthew Jameson to check out Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games at the Leeds Grand Theatre.

Are you ready to be transported to a whole new world and totally blown away with high energy spellbinding dancing? Let the journey begin as Michael Flatley presents Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games. Having never seen the iconic Riverdance or the original Lord of the Dance live I was very unsure what to expect from this full production. Most people, myself included, have been entertained by Michael Flatley’s performances many times on the TV, most memorably the Royal Variety Performance. Well nothing prepared me for the spectacle ahead as the performance began with a burst of light, sound and energy instantly raising the hairs on the back on my neck. The age-old tale of good vs evil in a mystical land sets the scene as The Lord of the Dance (James Keegan) defends the Little Spirit (Jess Judge) from the terrifying Dark Lord (Tom Cunningham).

Michael Flatley creates an exciting and magical world where dance is the key to salvation. The choreography is phenomenal as Michael executes routines and displays that are mesmerising, capturing the essence of the narrative and very much engaging the audience. The climactic battle with the good and the bad had me at the edge of my seat! Every performer on the stage impacts the performance adding their own life and soul to the movement. Erin the Goddess (Sophie Evans) sings as beautiful as the dream they are in and the Fiddles (Giada Costenaro Cunningham & Nicole Lonergan) play their heart out to triumph over evil in the end. You will not be disappointed with this fantastic fairy-tale of music and dance, good vs evil, and love conquering all!

See you around!


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