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So far the majority of my Primal experience has been based around my own training plans and participating in the array of classes which is all very well and good, but with summer on the horizon, and a bikini body to obtain, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels there’s no time like the present to up the focus.

To help with this goal, and to curb my personal training curiosity, I met with Oli Worrell, one of Primal’s experienced PTs who can often be heard before he is seen.

primal-blog1Oli decided the only way to give me a full insight into the Primal PT package was to do an initial consultation as done with every client. This began by discussing current lifestyle habits, diet, exercise routines and what my ultimate goal would be, what I found most useful about this was that although I am quite content with my progress so far, and apart from wanting to look good for summer, I don’t actually have a main focus, therefore Oli assured me this would not be the case by the end of the consultation.

With the grilling and self-reflection out of the way next up was the physical assessment. I’d say this part could have some (myself included) feeling a tad self-conscious (but just remember that may just be the reason you are there in the first place) as it was time for the tape measure and scales to come out. When I say scales I am simplifying the Inbody machine to its most basic form, this contraption reads every last inch of your body, its gives body composition and muscle fat analysis, an obesity diagnosis, and can even figure out your metabolic rate, a seriously interesting eye opener. For the physical assessment you are put through your paces with a conditioning test followed by a series of exercises focusing on posture and alignment.

primal-blog2To record progress, and to keep you on the right track when not with your PT, each client is given a handbook where exercise routines, diet plans and targets are laid out on the page for you to work from, this handbook is very thorough and leaves you with no excuses to stray from your plan.

Once my consultation with Oli was over I did feel as though I had a much clearer picture about what I wanted to work towards, how to maintain a healthy regime, and I found my ultimate goals of gaining definition on my stomach and slimming down my arms.

What I have noticed when observing PT sessions at Primal is that each session is personal to the individual, the trainers are motiving but not over powering, and the clients genuinely look as though they have enjoyed being put through their paces.

A pretty appealing feature of the PT packages is that you don’t have to do it alone, there are options to sign up with friends or join a small group to train with whilst keeping the focus personal to you.
On to cost and all packages can be tailored to what you can afford and how often you require a trainer, your gym membership is included, and the more you train to more you save!

I’ve had membership at a collection of gyms in my time and have experienced a range of personal training packages. Even though this is just the start for me at Primal I can hand on my heart say that this induction into their PT package is the most thorough to date, I feel as though my training needs will be met and the plan it spot on for me, now time to take the bull by the horns and get working on those abs!

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