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Musical Sensation of Shrek Review


Are you ready for the biggest adventure in green you’ve ever seen? You’ll be looking at fairy tales in a whole new light after you’ve experienced the comedy musical sensation of Shrek, landing with a punch at the Leeds Grand Theatre this Christmas! Who can forget the box office success of the kid’s comedy film about the Scottish green ogre and his unconventional heroism saving the princess, who herself is very much outside of the conventional box. The hit was then followed with three sequels, each with a new adventure for Shrek, the princess and his faithful donkey, battling the fairy tale baddies, or even the so called good guys!

Bringing music into this hilarious story was always a brilliant idea and you are not let down in any way. The production value is fantastic with grand set design taking you straight in to the heart of Shrek’s swamp, the satirical land of Duloc and the dark castle guarded by the fire breathing dragon. The premise of the story follows the original first film with added musical and dance numbers leading the narrative along. Shrek (Steffan Harri) is over run in his swamp by the fairy tale personalities of the land as Lord Farquaad (Samuel Holmes) has banished them from Duloc. This includes Donkey (Marcus Ayton) who befriends Shrek as they march to Duloc to confront Farquaad and lead the mob back his way. Farquaad however has other ideas and sends Shrek on a quest to rescue Princess Fiona (Laura Main), who isn’t at all what either of them bargained for.

Some incredibly funny moments with laugh out loud slapstick to entertain everyone. An array or classic characters we all know and love with a twist, from Pinocchio and Peter Pan to The Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Pigs, all brilliantly portrayed. With a special appearance from the Ginger Bread Man very cleverly executed you’ll be howling just like the Wolf himself. Amazing family entertainment you won’t want to miss, something for the kids and adults alike!   

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