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Want to become a self-protection specialist? You already are.

Want to become a self-protection specialist? You already are.

At Street Boxing UK, our aim is to reconnect you with a self-protection framework based upon powerful physiological instincts we all have beneath the surface, instincts that have preserved the human species for millennia.
In recent years, we have come to understand more about how the brain and body perform under extreme stress which has led to a big re-think in terms of realistic self-protection. Humans don’t access fine motor skills effectively under stress, we revert to gross-motor responses, instincts from the primal brain. This is why we never really see anything that looks like martial arts in real street conflict. Surprisingly though, when we peel back primal instincts we actually find some very rich and sophisticated stuff to work with and it’s integrated too.
There are people teaching this type of material – security services, combatives groups etc. but we’re very keen to reach a civilian audience. Our overriding ethos is, if something doesn’t work under extreme stress for the average adult female, it’s not worth teaching. We’ve also worked hard to design a low-impact format, that should feel more akin to Boxercise than MMA.
If you’re intrigued and want to experience something more transformative than your usual fitness class or something more street-engineered than fight-sports, join us at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds on Thursday evenings at 1800.
For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch @streetboxinguk


About Yorkshire Dance

Yorkshire Dance is a charity which champions the value of dance and its development in Yorkshire. We do so by raising standards, increasing knowledge and understanding and by fostering creativity and innovation.

We create opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to see, make and take part in high quality dance that is rooted in their creativity, in their lives and in their communities, with the power to transform and inspire.

We create opportunities for emerging and established artists and practitioners to research, create and present new contemporary work, at a range of scales and in communities, developing their skills, expertise and networks.

We create opportunities for people to experience dance by working with partners in local authorities and the arts, in health and in sport, building a region-wide infrastructure for dance development.

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