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Team Building Activities for Employees


When you start a new business, you often under go a significant amount of learning. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, your industry, and about people. If you intend to be hands-on and involved, then you will spend a significant amount of time working with employees. These are the people that will help your business succeed, so understanding their desires and what inspires them is essential. One of the ways to get to know them and improve their output would be to focus on team building and bonding. Here are a few activities that you could do with employees to encourage stronger teams and better work.

Idea-Sharing Lunches

Lunch breaks are something that happen every day, so they can be the perfect time to work on relationship building between employees. Think about hosting healthy lunches where you can share both good food and creative ideas. It’s an opportunity for everyone’s voice to get heard and employees to learn more about each other.


People all over the world often bond over sports. There are hundreds of popular sports out there, which leaves room for your team to bond over this. You could consider using sportsas a team building activity in any of the listed ways below.

Horse Racing

Have you ever thought about going to see a horse race with your team live? Thiscould be something that’s both new and exciting for everyone, so consider this as an option. Teammates who are good at predicting the outcome of games could even place bets on www.unibet.co.uk. This should encourage friendly competition and help employees feel more comfortable with one another.

Sports Day

Sports days hosted by your business is another great idea if you want to encourage team bonding. It’s an excellent way to get individuals to get out of their comfort zones as well as work together.


Wellbeing is becoming an importantpart of the agenda of businesses these days because a healthier employee is a more productive one. You could organise exercise sessions before or after work to promote well-being, morale, and bonding simultaneously.

Play Games

Aside from the mentioned ideas, games are another ideal way of getting your employees to bond. Perhaps focus on team-building games such as building a bridge together which requires that they create a bridge out of household items. Thisis a way of improving communication and getting individuals to work with one another. No matter what game you decide to play, think about what you want them to learn or the skills you hope they’ll develop in the process.

Outdoor Activities

Another fun idea for team activities that can help with bonding are ones you can play outdoors. Here are a few that you could trywith your team.

Treasure Hunt – If you want to get your employees running around town, try a treasure hunt. You can place items around the neighbourhood, office premises, or city and break them up into teams sothey learn to work with one another.

Egg Drop – To get employees to work quickly and under pressure, try the egg drop activity. Thisrequires teams to use materials to build a contraption around the egg to keep it from breaking when it falls.

The Mine Field – To help build trust, why not try a game such as the minefield? This game requires that a blindfolded person is guided by another personacross a room covered in objects without hitting anything. They’ll be forced to trust the other person’s instructions, which should help their listening abilities.


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